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alienspy's Journal

12 December 1979
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abandoned buildings, afterlife, amélie, animals, asian food, auras, babies, badminton, being, bisexuality, books, boston terriers, breastfeeding, cats, cemetaries, cherries, chinatown, churches, communication, consciousness, core belief engineering, corn on the cob, creative writing, creativity, cucumber sandwiches, delerium, desperate housewives, digital photography, documentaries, dogs, dreams, dresses, energy, evanescence, fairies, fall, french, girl interrupted, golden retrievers, greek food, handwriting, handwritten letters, heroes, hypnosis, imperial rolls, individuality, jeans, journals, lakes, laughing, learning, letters, long letters, long skirts, loreena mckennitt, lost, love, madonna, mail, meditation, medium, mediumship, mermaids, mysteries, nature, nine inch nails, notebooks, old buildings, open-mindedness, orphan sponsorship international, our lady peace, pajamas, past lives, patch adams, pen pals, penpals, pens, photography, practical magic, pregnancy, psychic, psychic abilities, psychics, psychology, psychotherapy, reading, retro, rivers, road trips, sarah mclachlan, scrapbooking, seafood, sex, shopping, skirts, slams, smoothies, snail mail, spirit guides, spirituality, spring rolls, stars, stationery, stickers, strawberries, striped socks, surprises, sushi, telepathy, the beach, the l word, the law of attraction, the mothman prophecies, the ocean, the others, the paranormal, the piano, the sea, the secret, the sixth sense, the trumpet, the village, tomato sandwiches, tonkinese soup, tori amos, traveling, tzatziki sauce, unconditional parenting, unconventional people, vietnamese food, vintage, what dreams may come, winona ryder, within temptation, writing, writing letters, writing stories